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Moriuchi Hiroki

Hiro promoting "ACCIDENT" (2018)

Moriuchi Hiroki (森内寛樹), more commonly known as Hiro, is a Japanese rock musician and vocalist for the band MY FIRST STORY.


  • Name: Moriuchi Hiroki (森内寛樹)
  • Birthdate: January 25, 1994 (1994-01-25) (age 27)
  • Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan


Moriuchi Hiroki is the youngest son of famous Enka singer Mori Shinichi and singer and actress Mori Masako. His eldest brother Morita Takahiro (better known as Taka) is the lead singer for the band ONE OK ROCK.

Moriuchi entered the music industry in 2002 as part of Johnny's Jimusho where he was the youngest member (age 8) among the Johnny's Jr. talents. He left the company in 2005.

In August 2011, Moriuchi created the band MY FIRST STORY.

KOJI & Hiro promoting Circles (2014)


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