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ONE OK ROCK promoting Eye of the Storm (2018)

ONE OK ROCK is a Japanese rock band signed to A-Sketch and managed by AMUSE. The origin of the group's name is from the time they would always book the recording studio; the pronunciation of ONE OK ROCK is wanokurokku (ワンオクロック) which sounds like one o'clock.


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ONE OK ROCK promoting "Etcetera" (2007)
ONE OK ROCK promoting Kanjou Effect (2008)
ONE OK ROCK promoting "Re:make / NO SCARED" (2011)
ONE OK ROCK promoting Jinsei×Boku= (2013)
ONE OK ROCK promoting "Mighty Long Fall / Decision" (2014)
ONE OK ROCK promoting 35xxxv (2015)
ONE OK ROCK (2016)
ONE OK ROCK (2017)

The band formed in summer 2005 with Toru, Alex, Ryota, and Tomo. Later, Taka joined and they focused on performing lives in the Tokyo area. In 2006, Tomo left the band to pursue a career in acting. Not long after, the band independently released two mini-albums. Because of their mini-album sales, their participation at summer festivals, and their lives in the outskirts of Tokyo, they were signed to A-Sketch. In March 2007, Tomoya officially joined the group and the five-person band made their major debut by releasing their first single, "Naihi Shinsho", on April 25th.

In April 2009, Alex was arrested due to sexual harassment, causing the cancel of the band's upcoming single, "Around the world Shounen", its drama tie-in with GODHAND TERU, and their 2009 tour. Following the scandal, the band revealed that Alex was officially no longer a part of the band.

ONE OK ROCK continued as a four-member group and made a comeback with a live concert tour that started on September 5, 2009, titled Overcome Emotion. Their first release afterwards was their fourth single, "Kanzen Kankaku Dreamer", on February 3, 2010. The band followed up with their fourth album, Niche Syndrome, which was released on June 9.

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  • [2017.01.11] PRIMAL FOOTMARK 2017


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  • [2012] MTV Video Music Awards Japan: Best Rock Video - "Answer is Near"
  • [2013] MTV Video Music Awards Japan: Best Rock Video, Best Video from a Film - "The Beginning"
  • [2013] Space Shower Music Video Awards: Best Your Choice - "The Beginning"
  • [2014] MTV Video Music Awards Japan: Best Rock Video - "Be the light"
  • [2014] CD Shop Awards: Finalist Award - Jinsei×Boku=
  • [2016] Classic Rock Roll of Honour Awards: Eastern Breakthrough Male Band
  • [2016] Space Shower Music Video Awards: Best Active Overseas
  • [2016] MTV Europe Music Award: Best Japanese Act
  • [2017] Rock Sound Awards: Best International Band
  • [2018] Rock Sound Awards: Best Live Performance
  • [2018] Space Shower Music Video Awards: Best Group Artist, Best Active Overseas
  • [2019] MTV Video Music Awards Japan: Artist Of The Year
  • [2020] Space Shower Music Video Awards: Artist Of The Year

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