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No Penny, No Gain

Album Cover
Penny Tai
No Penny, No Gain
CD Tracklist
  1. You have 5 messages
  2. oh my god
  3. Shui Zhongyang (水中央; Middle of the Water)
  4. Tingshuo (聽說; Heard)
  5. Jujue (拒絕; Refuse)
  6. Shenme Dou Shede (什麼都捨得; What Can I Part With?)
  7. Zhuanyan (轉眼; In the Blink of an Eye)
  8. Yijing Hen Jiu (已經很久; Already Such a Long Time)
  9. Badao (霸道; Hegemony)
  10. Duo Zai Yeli (躲在夜裡; Hide in the Night)
  11. Shei Rang Ni Kaixin (誰讓你開心; Who Let You Be Happy?)
  12. No message


No Penny, No Gain is the fourth album released by Penny Tai.

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