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Pa Pa Pa

Fukuyama Masaharu
Pa Pa Pa
Fukuyama Masaharu
Fukuyama Masaharu
Other Information
Arrangement: Ohara Ray
Drums: Yamaki Hideo
Bass: Ohara Ray
Electric Guitar: Omura Kenji
Acoustic Guitar: Matsubara Masaki
Keyboards: Tomita Motohiro
Computer & Synthesizer Programming: Matsutake Hideki
Background Vocals: Kido Yasuhiro, Hiyama Kiyoshi

Pa Pa Pa is found on Fukuyama Masaharu's single HELLO as track #3 and album M-COLLECTION Kaze wo Sagashiteru as track #11 of disc 2. A remix version is found on the album Fukuyama Masaharu ANOTHER WORKS remixed by Piston Nishizawa as track #2.

Pa Pa Pa was used as the Dydo "Blend Coffee" CM song.