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Paradinome ~Koi ni Mi wo Yudanete~

Album Cover
Iida Kaori
Paradinome ~Koi ni Mi wo Yudanete~ (パラディノメ 〜恋に身をゆだねて〜)
Catalog Number
  1. Paradinome ~Koi ni Mi wo Yudanete~ (パラディノメ 〜恋に身をゆだねて〜; Surrender ~Entrust Yourself to Love~) originally Παραδινομαι by Haris Alexiou
  2. Lila no Kisetsu (リラの季節; The Season of Lila) originally Un jour, un enfant by Frida Boccara
  3. Aux, Champs Elysees (オー・シャンゼリゼ) originally Les Champs-Élysées by Joe Dassin
  4. Aa, Jinsei (ああ、人生; Aa, Life) originally Αχ! Η ζωή (Ah! I Zoi) by Konstantina
  5. Marine-Blue no Hitomi (マリン・ブルーの瞳; Marine-Blue Eyes) originally Pull Marine by Isabelle Adjani
  6. Sora (空; Sky) originally Cielo by Little Peggy March
  7. Suna ni Kieta Namida (砂に消えた涙; Tears Disappear in the Sand) originally Un Buco Nella Sabbia by Mina
  8. Wasure Sarareta Michi (忘れ去られた道; Forgotten Road) originally Δρόμοι λησμονημένοι (Dromi Lismonimeni) by Haris Alexiou
  9. Yume Miru Omoi (夢見る想い; Thoughts of Dreams) originally Non ho l'età per amarti by Gigliola Cinquetti
  10. Jasmine (ジャスミン) originally To Giasemi a traditional Cypriot song


Paradinome ~Koi ni Mi wo Yudanete~ is Iida Kaori's second solo album. This release is a cover album of famous songs in French, Italian, and Greek. Although the track titles are in Japanese each song is sung in its original language. The album cover was painted by Iida.

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