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Ping Pung

Ping Pung is a four member Cantonese rock band based in Hong Kong, consisting of Kary Ng (Ng Ga Wing, 吳家穎) on vocals, Jerry Lee (Lee Hon Man, 李漢文), Jan Lee (Lee Ka Man, 李嘉文) and DJ Tim Ho (Wong Tin Ho, 黃天豪) on turntables. Their songs have an edge of hard rock that has not been heard in Hong Kong before, and their lyrics relate to teenagers. 'Ping Pung' does not mean anything in English, Mandarin or Cantonese, though is does have a fun sound to it.


Ping Pung was originally formed in mid 2003, and three of its four members were from pre-existing bands. Kary was originally from the nine member girl group Cookies, (which is similar to Japan's Morning Musume). She was renouned for being the one with the most talent and the best voice. Jerry and Jan originally had a band called Online.

Suprisingly for a Chinese band, the album's songs are completely produced by Ping Pung. This includes the arrangement, melody and lyrics (written by Jan and Jerry). Jan and Jerry also produce and write lyrics for other artists.

In early 2006, after Cookies dissolved, Kary released a solo album entitled With a Boy Like You; which followed the same rock vibe as Ping Pung's rock music.



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