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Album Cover
Oda Kaori
Catalog Number
  1. PLACE
  2. Brilliant World
  3. Eien no Ichibyou (永遠の一秒)
  4. Promise
  5. My Destiny
  6. Mizukagami (水鏡)
  7. No sing, No life
  8. Sekai no Hate de (世界の果てで)
  9. Hi no Ataru Basho he (日の当たる場所へ)
  10. Honki no Uso (Ver. true heart) (本気の嘘)
  11. Hajimari no Kioku (始まりの記憶)
  12. Emotional
  13. Calling


PLACE is the first solo album released by Oda Kaori. The album reached #91 on the Oricon charts and charted for a week. The album contains the theme songs from the PSP game AMNESIA Later which marked the beginning of her involvement with the succeeding AMNESIA series theme songs.

The album also contains most of her old songs since 2007 namely Brilliant World the opening theme song for the Nintendo DS game Luminous Arc, Honki no Uso (Ver. true heart) the opening theme song for the PSP game Wild Arms XF, and Calling the opening theme song for the TV anime Baccano!.

The album also marks the beginning of her lyrics writing career.

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