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RHYMEBERRY (ライムベリー) is a Japanese pop-rap idol group managed by the agency Particle.


Current Members

Former Members


RHYMEBERRY was formed in 2011 by MC MIRI, MC HIME, MC YUKA, and DJ HIKARU, who were members of the idol group Usa Usa Shoujo Club. In 2012, they released their first single "HEY!BROTHER" under Aries Records, produced by E TICKET PRODUCTION. Later that year, they announced their move to the idol label T-Palette Records.

In April 2014, they officially announced their departure from Usa Usa Shoujo Club and their agency Aries Entertainment. At the same time, MC YUKA left the group due to family circumstances, turning RHYMEBERRY into a 3-member group.

In February 2015, RHYMEBERRY announced that both MC HIME and DJ HIKARU were graduating from the group, and they ended their contract with E TICKET PRODUCTION. MC MISAKI was added as a new member, and they resumed activity as a 2-member group with a support DJ. DJ U-NIN was added as an official member in December 2015, but she left the group after less than a month due to family reasons. DJ OMOCHI later joined RHYMEBERRY in July 2016.

In 2017, MC YUIKA joined the group before the release of their single "TOKYO Chewing gum." However, shortly after the single's release, it was announced that MC MISAKI would graduate in order to pursue her dream.




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