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Usa Usa Shoujo Club

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Usa Usa Shoujo Club (usa☆usa少女倶楽部; also known as Usa Usa Girls Club) is a Japanese pop idol group under the agency Aries Entertainment. The group is best known for the sub units that have emerged from it, including RHYMEBERRY and DESU.RABBITS.


The group was initially formed in February 2010, with Nobuoka Hikaru, Nagashima Erika, Sakurai Miri, Usami Runo, and Kawashima Juri. By May 2011, the group had grown to 13 members. Over the years, several more members were added while others graduated or left. Most notably, the four members of the sub unit RHYMEBERRY graduated in 2014, and the three members of the sub unit DESU.RABBITS (formerly DEATHRABBITS) graduated in 2015.

In February 2017, the last three members of the group all graduated. In May, Usa Usa Shoujo Club resumed activity with the four members of Team Gunma (Kari), an idol group from Gunma Prefecture.

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