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Reborn Part 1

Mini-Album Cover
ReBorn Part 1
  1. Neo Ttawin Beorigo (Let This Die) (feat. Tiger JK) (너 따윈 버리고; Taking Leave of You)
  2. Can't Stop (feat. Jay Park, Beenzino)
  3. Don't Tell Me I'm Wrong (Duet With Jade Valerie)
  4. Let This Die (Extended Eng Ver.) (feat. Flowsik)
  5. Can't Stop (Eng Ver.) (feat. Jay Park, Dumbfoundead)
  6. Domino (Acoustic Ver.)
  7. Neo Ttawin Beorigo (inst.)


ReBorn Part 1 is Brian's second mini-album. The song "Neo Ttawin Beorigo (Let This Die)" was used as lead track. The mini-album includes the English versions of the lead track, "Let This Die", and "Can't Stop". It also includes an acoustic version of "Domino", which is an English version of "Nunmurui Guseongyoso", both (Korean and English) originally included on his first mini-album UNVEILED.

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