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Jay Park

Jay Park promoting "GANADARA" (2022)

Jay Park is a Korean-American singer and actor. He made his debut as Jaebeom as the former leader of the Korean group 2PM. In 2011 he become a member of the fictional group Mr.Children for the release of the film Mr. Idol.



Jaebeom in 2PM

Jay Park, after a successful audition for JYP Entertainment in the U.S, moved to Korea and signed with the company as a rapper and b-boy trainee. He trained to improve his singing and also his Korean for four years before debuting as a leader in 2PM with the stage name Jaebeom.
In September 4, an internet controversy surfaced regarding him. The articles talk about posts on his personal Myspace back in 2005 about his dislike for Korea when he was still a trainee for JYP Entertainment. Although he issued an apology protesters demanded that he had to withdrawal from 2PM. Four days later in September 8, he announced on his official fansite that he would leave the group and return to the United States.

In 2010 he made his debut as a solo artist, this time as Jay Park, participating on American rapper B.o.B's digital single "Nothin' On You". The song was released in Korea after he covered the original song on his personal YouTube channel. The media also announced his first solo single "Demon" for early July, although instead he released the EP "Mideojullae".

In 2017, Jay was one of many international musicians and celebrities featured in the self-directed music video for British singer Charli XCX's single "Boys". The video featured other Asian artists such as Taka from ONE OK ROCK and EXILE SHOKICHI.


  • Official Fanclub: Jay Effect (fans referred as Jay Walkers)

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Jay Park promoting I Like 2 Party (2013)





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Just me, Jay

  • [2011.06.02] Just me, Jay

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