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S.E.S promoting FRIEND (2002)

S.E.S (에스.이.에스) is a Korean pop girl group debuted in 1997 under SM Entertainment. The group' name stands for the first letter of all three singers' names: Sea (Bada), Eugene, Shoo.



S.E.S was the first girl group to debut under SM Entertainment. The trio (along with two other girl groups, Baby V.O.X and Fin.K.L) dominated the pop scene during the late 90's. They were one of the very first Korean groups to debut in Japan and other foreign countries.

In 1999 they signed with Japanese label VAP, however in 2001, just before disbanding, they moved to avex. The new Japanese label released their three Japanese best albums and the Japanese editions of their first three Korean albums.

S.E.S disbanded when their contract expired, although at the time it was rumored that they would regroup and release an album. Unfortunately, some complications with the members' management agencies made difficult for the trio to release a new album as all three members are signed under different management agencies: Bada is under UuongJinKoWare Entertainment, Eugene is under PFULL Entertainment, and Shoo is still under SM Entertainment.

S.E.S promoting I'm Your Girl (1997)
S.E.S promoting Love (1999)
S.E.S promoting Surprise (2001)
S.E.S promoting Choose My Life-U (2002)

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  • [2001.07.12] Surprise (Special Album)
  • [2002.11.21] FRIEND (Greatest Hits Album)

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  • Official Fanclub: Friend
  • Official Color: Pearl Violet

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