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Limited 2CD Edition Cover
Regular Edition Cover
Limited CD Edition Cover
Limited TAPE Edition Cover
Stray Kids
Catalog Number
ESCL-5370~2 (Limited 2CD Edition)
ESCL-5373~4 (Regular Edition)
ESCL-5375 (Limited CD Edition)
ESTL-5 (Limited TAPE Edition)
¥6,000 (Limited 2CD Edition)
¥3,500 (Regular Edition)
¥3,000 (Limited TAPE Edition)
¥2,000 (Limited CD Edition)
CD Tracklist
  • Limited 2CD & Regular Editions
Disc 1&2
  1. Kaze (Levanter) -Japanese ver.- (風)
  2. Double Knot -Japanese ver.-
  3. My Pace -Japanese ver.-
  4. Hellevator
  5. Grrr
  6. Spread My Wings
  8. District 9
  9. Mirror
  10. Grow Up
  11. My Pace
  12. Voices
  13. Question
  14. M.I.A.
  15. Awkward Silence
  16. I am YOU
  17. Get Cool
  18. MIROH
  19. Victory Song
  20. Boxer
  21. Chronosaurus
  22. 19
  23. Side Effects
  24. TMT
  25. Double Knot
  26. Levanter
  27. Astronaut
  • Limited CD & TAPE Editions
  1. Kaze (Levanter) -Japanese ver.- (風)
  2. Double Knot -Japanese ver.-
  3. My Pace -Japanese ver.-
  4. Hellevator
  5. District 9
  6. Grow Up
  7. My Pace
  8. I am YOU
  9. Get Cool
  10. MIROH
  11. Victory Song
  12. Side Effects
  13. Double Knot
  14. Levanter
DVD Tracklist
  1. "Stray Kids Japan Showcase 2019 'Hi-STAY'" LIVE Video
  2. "Kaze (Levanter) -Japanese ver.-" Music Video
  3. "Levanter" Music Video
  4. "Astronaut" Music Video


SKZ2020 is the debut Japanese best album released by Stray Kids. It was released in four versions: a limited 2CD+DVD edition, a regular 2CD edition, a limited CD edition, and a limited TAPE edition. The limited 2CD and regular editions come with a photo lyric book while the limited CD edition comes with just a lyric book.

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