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Saihuun (西風雲) are a 9 member Japanese pop group from avex trax. Members of the group are from the J-pop group AAA and Chinese Pop group dance flow.


Former Members

  • 5 other unknown members


Saihuun were first announced in early 2009 shrouded in immense mystery on who or even what they were. For the first half of the year there was little updates on the group and when it the main site was updated there was a snippet for a song titled Break your name. Slowly, after AAA announced the single for "Break Down / Break your name / Summer Revolution" there was more hints at who were in Saihuun and eventually all 15 members had profiles but still no names were announced.

Once the single had leaked, the PV for their song had shown that all of the male members of AAA were in the group. Ever since the group had done their lives with just the five guys while the others kept their hoods to hide their identities.

It wasn't until the release of AAA's live DVD, AAA 4th Anniversary LIVE 090922 at Yokohama Arena that Saihuun performed again, but with 6 of their members either gone or just missing. The remaining four that did dance as Saihuun revealed themselves. At the time they were still unknown, but today they are better known as the guys that make up half of the Chinese Pop group, dance flow.

Since then, one more member was found. KEI from Gunz HUNT was found to be also a part of Saihuun.

Ever since the group has either disbanded or have been put on an indefinite hiatus to deal with their own groups respectively.



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