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Sakurai Kazutoshi

Sakurai Kazutoshi

Sakurai Kazutoshi is a Japanese pop/rock singer-songwriter-composer for the group Mr.Children. He is also part of Bank Band.


  • Stage Name: Sakurai Kazutoshi (桜井和寿)
  • Real Name: 櫻井和寿
  • Birth Date: March 8, 1970
  • Birth Place: Tokyo, Japan
  • Blood Type: O
  • Height: 172.5cm
  • Weight: 62.7kg
  • Martial Status: Married to Yoshino Mika


  • Hospitalized after blockage in his cerebellum was detected in 2002. All activities were canceled but after recieving word of a good recovery they returned for a 1 night live in December that same year.
  • Former employee of recording label

ap bank

Started in 2003, the AP Bank consists of three people: Sakurai, Kobayashi Takeshi, and Sakamoto Ryuichi. They loan money to various environmental preservation projects like like natural energy and energy conservation, etc. at a low interest rate. The ap bank is a non-profit financial institution. Since 2005, AP Bank has held four concerts.

2006 events

In 2006, Sakurai got together with GAKU-MC (a Japanese rapper). Sakurai and Gaku both have a love for soccer and collaborated on a single. The song titled "Te wo Dasuna!" (手を出すな!) was used for NTV's FIFA World Cup broadcasting program.


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