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Self Control (TM NETWORK)

Album Cover
Self Control
1987.02.26 (LP, CD, CT)
1991.09.05 (CD)
1996.06.17 (CD)
2000.03.23 (CD)
2007.03.21 (CD)
2013.02.20 (CD)
Catalog Number
28・3H-270 (LP)
28・6H-217 (CT)
32・8H-106 (CD)
ESCB-1206 (1991 CD)
ESCB-1754 (1996 CD)
ESCB-2116 (2000 CD)
MHCL-1038 (2007 CD)
MHCL-30011 (Blu-spec CD)
¥2,765 (LP, CT)
¥3,154 (1987 CD)
¥2,935 (1991 CD)
¥2,097 (1996 CD)
¥1,851 (2000 CD)
¥2,592 (2007 CD)
¥1,944 (2913 Blu-spec CD)
  1. Bang The Gong (Fanks Bang The Gong no Theme) (Bang The Gong (Fanks Bang The Gongのテーマ))
  2. Maria Club (Hyakuoku no Yoru no Cleopatra no Kodoku) (百億の夜とクレオパトラの孤独; ; Ten Billion Nights and Cleopatra's solitude)
  3. Don't Let Me Cry (Ichikazu Ichibyou Monogatari) (一千一秒物語; 1,001 Seconds Story)
  4. Self Control (Hakofune ni Hikarete) (Self Control (方舟に曳かれて))
  5. All-Right All-Night (No Tears No blood)
  6. Fighting (Kimi wa Fighting) (Fighting (君のファイティング); You're Fighting)
  7. Time Passed Me By (Yoru no Shibau) (夜の芝生; Evening's Lawn)
  8. Spanish Blue (Haruka Kimi wo Hanarete) (遙か君を離れて; Let Go of the Distant You)
  9. Fool On The Planet (Aoku Yureru Wakusei ni Tatte) (青く揺れる惑星に立って; Stand On The Planet That Sways Blue)
  10. Here, There & Everywhere (Fuyu no Shinwa) (冬の神話; The Winter Legend)


Self Control is TM NETWORK's fourth studio album. Tracks 1-5 are described to be up-beat songs while 6-10 are ballad tracks.[1] Since originally released in 1987, the album has seen numerous reprints over the years due to the band's growing popularity and advance audio technology. The original 1985 release reached #3 on the weekly Oricon charts, selling over 587,000 copies. The 2013 Blu-spec CD release reached #188 on the weekly Oricon charts and charted for one week.

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