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Seulgi (ShaFLA)

Seulgi promoting "Yojeum Neo Dalla" (2019)

Seulgi (슬기) is a South Korean singer. She is a former member of the Korean pop girl group S#aFLA.



Digital Singles


  • [2009.10.09] Rhymer - Chang Up (#1 Change Up (feat. BIZNIZ, Jung Seul Gi))
  • [2010.02.22] Cho PD - Borandeusi (#1 Borandeusi (feat. Jung Seul Gi))
  • [2010.09.10] Miss $ - miss (#1 Inai Meoggo Mwohaessgillae (feat. Jung Seul Gi))
  • [2010.11.02] Miss $ - pro. Miss.u (#1 Promise U (feat. Jung Seul Gi))
  • [2011.03.28] Smile, Mom OST (#5 Baboya)
  • [2011.11.22] Miss $ - Miss Terious (#1 Neo Ttawiga Mwolago (feat. Jung Seul Gi), #2 Ojukhamyeon Ireolkka (feat. Jung Seul Gi, Im Da Hye), #4 Wae Ilae (feat. Jung Seul Gi, Im Da Hye), #5 Nal Beolinge (feat. Jung Seul Gi), #8 Promise U (feat. Jung Seul Gi))