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So Penny (Hao...Peini)

Album Cover
Penny Tai
So Penny (Hao...Peini) (好...佩妮)
2004.02.06 (Limited Bonus CD Edition)
CD Tracklist
  1. Fangkongdong (防空洞; Air-raid Shelter)
  2. Hei Yanquan (黑眼圈; Black Circles)
  3. Touming Meigui (透明玫瑰; Transparent Rose)
  4. Cinderella (辛德瑞拉)
  5. Buxiang (不想; Unexpectedly)
  6. Xiguan Zheyang (習慣這樣; Usually This Way)
  7. Tou Qi (透氣; Penetrate Air)
  8. Riqi (日期; Date)
  9. Zenyang (怎樣; How's That?)
  10. Ni Yao De Ai (你要的愛; Your Wanted Love)
  11. Hao Ganjue (好感覺; Good Feeling)
  12. Ai Guo (愛過; Loved)
  13. Shijian Kuai Zhuan (時間快轉; Time Quickly Turns)
  14. Jie Jue De Zhufu (街角的祝福; Street Corner's Blessing)
  15. Yi Jiu Jiu Jiu (一九九九; 1999)
  16. Shenme Dou Shede (什麼都捨得; What Can I Part With?)
  17. Shui Zhongyang (水中央; Middle of the Water)


So Penny (Hao...Peini) is the first compilation album released by Penny Tai. It includes four new songs and several of her past hits. The Limited Bonus CD Edition comes with the compilation album as well as one of her first four albums.

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