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Spring Tour '07 Ecumenical Image ~At 2007.4.8 C.C.Lemon Hall~

DVD Cover
spring tour '07 ecumenical image ~at 2007.4.8 C.C.Lemon Hall~
2007.06.13 (Japan)
2007.07.13 (Europe)
Catalog Number
S.D.R.D-014 (Japan)
CLJ 8820-2.8 (Europe)
¥5,775 (Japan)
19,99 EUR (Europe)
DVD1 Tracklist
  1. ecumenical image
  2. Brownie (ブラウニー)
  3. 0010
  4. Shine
  5. Sakura Mau Kisetsu ni (桜舞う季節に; To the Season of Dancing Cherry Blossoms)
  6. ancient-tree
  7. Senjou Cameraman to Saigo (戦場カメラマンと最期; Battlefield Cameraman and His Last Moment)
  8. Honey Flavor (ハニーフレーバー)
  9. masquerade
  10. Miss Santa Claus (ミスサンタクロース)
  11. Kotonoha Noru (コトノハノル; Words Taken In)
  12. B.L.C
  13. Nanairo no Sora no Octave (七色の空のオクターブ; Octave of the Sky's Seven Prismatic Colors)
  14. Hoshi Furu Ohanashi (星降るお話; Falling Stars Story)
DVD2 Tracklist
  1. Sendan wa Futaba Yori Kanbashi (栴檀は双葉より芳し; Genius Displays Itself Even In Childhood)
  2. Lapis Lazuli (ラピスラズリ)
  3. Hinata (ヒナタ; The Sunshine)
  4. Meefish no Uta, Koigara no Suihou (メーフィッシュのうた、恋柄の水泡; Meefish's Song, Bubbles of a Love Pattern)
  5. Az
  6. Kimi no Koe to Yakusoku (君の声と約束; Your Voice and Promise)
  7. Offshot
  8. Other


"spring tour '07 ecumenical image ~at 2007.4.8 C.C.Lemon Hall~" is the fifth live DVD released by Ayabie. As the title says, the concert was filmed at the "ecumenical image" tour final at C.C.Lemon Hall on April 8th, 2007. The single "ecumenical image" was distributed to all attending this live. It was first released in Japan, but a month later it was released in Europe through CLJ Records. That version comes with English and German subtitles, and an extra booklet with lyrics translated in English and transliterated in Romaji. The DVD reached #148 on the Oricon chart, where it charted for a week.

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