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Story in New York

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Album Cover
SG Wannabe
Story In New York
  1. Cheotnun (첫눈; First Snow)
  2. Deureojuseyo (들어주세요; Listen to Me)
  3. Christmaseu Iyagi (크리스마스 이야기; Christmas Story)
  4. Hanyeoreumnarui Kkum (Duet With Ock Ju Hyun) (한여름날의 꿈; One Summer Day's Dream)
  5. Segeulja (세글자; Three Letters) (M to M cover)
  6. Hajiman (하지만; But)
  7. Geuraedo (그래도; Even Though)
  8. Holiday
  9. Saranghanda Malhaejwo (사랑한다 말해줘; Tell Me You Love Me) (M to M cover)
  10. Eun (은; Grace)
  11. Gasiri (with KMC) (가시리; Will Leave)
  12. Jisangeseo Yeongwoneuro (지상에서 영원으로; From Now Until Forever)


Story In New York is SG Wannabe's special album. It features three new songs, "Cheotnun", "Deureojuseyo" and "Christmaseu Iyagi", six songs from their previous albums, two M to M covers, and their collaboration song with KMC, all re-recorded in a Jazz/R&B style. The album also comes with a SG Wannabe journal and a photo calendar covering their trip to New York. The new song "Cheotnun" was used as lead track.

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