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The Beautiful Life

Limited Edition Cover
Regular Edition Cover
The Beautiful Life
Catalog Number
UMCF-9600 (Limited Edition)
UMCF-1067 (Regular Edition)
¥3,200 (Limited Edition)
¥2,800 (Regular Edition)
CD Tracklist
  1. Intro ~Soudan 1~ (相談)
  2. The Moment
  3. Tashika na Nanika (確かな何か)
  4. Into you
  5. Ai Yori Tsuyoi Mono (愛よりも強いもの)
  6. Happy Birthday
  7. Skit ~Soudan 2~ (Skit ~相談2~)
  8. LOOP
  9. Don't Lie
  10. S & M
  11. Gomen Nante Iwanaide (ごめんなんて言わないで)
  12. Skit ~Soudan 3~ (Skit ~相談3~)
  13. Home
  14. Kimi de Yokatta (君でよかった)
DVD Tracklist
  1. Ai Yori Tsuyoi Mono (愛よりも強いもの) (Music Video)
  2. Kimi de Yokatta (君でよかった) (Music Video)
  3. Gomen Nante Iwanaide (ごめんなんて言わないで) (Music Video)


The Beautiful Life is the fourth studio album released under the name Spontania. The album did not chart on the Oricon weekly charts.

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