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Spontania promoting "Ai Yori Tsuyoi Mono" (2011)

Spontania (スポンテニア) is a Japanese hip-hop group formed in 1996. They were formerly known as Hi-Timez and made their major debut in 2004 under the Toshiba EMI label. In 2007, they transferred to Universal Music Japan's PRIMARY COLOR RECORDZ sub-label and changed the group's name to Spontania. As of April 2010, Natori Kaori became the new vocalist of Spontania, making it a trio. She will now be mononymously referred to as "Kaori" in romaji.



Spontania promoting "Positivity" (2007)
Spontania promoting "Sayonara..." (2008)
Spontania & AZU promoting "Onaji Sora Mitsumeteru Anata ni" (2009)
Spontania promoting "JAM" (2010)


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