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The Moment

Regular Cover
Deluxe CD+DVD Cover
Stefanie Sun
The Moment
CD1 Tracklist
  1. The Moment Zhe Yi Ke (The Moment 這一刻; The Moment)
  2. Yujian (遇見; Encounter)
  3. Lan De Qu Guan (懶的去管; Can't Be Bothered to Care)
  4. Buneng He Ni Yiqi (不能和你一起; Can't Be With You)
  5. Taiyang Dixia (太陽底下; Beneath the Sun)
  6. Quanxin Quanyi (全心全意; With All Heart and Soul) (Singapore Edition Only)
  7. One Singapore (Singapore Edition Only)
CD2 Tracklist
  1. Wo Yao De Xingfu (我要的幸福; My Desired Happiness)
  2. Chao Kuaigan (超快感; Turbo)
  3. Tian Hei Hei (天黑黑; Cloudy Day)
  4. Hen Hao (很好; Fine)
  5. Someone
  6. Fengzheng (風箏; Kite)
  7. Renxing (任性; Capricious)
  8. Taowang (逃亡; Fugitive)
  9. Haipa (害怕; Fear)
  10. Yanshen (眼神; Wink)
  11. Ganlanshu (橄欖樹; Olive Tree) (Chyi Yu cover)
  12. Meiyou Ren De Fangxiang (沒有人的方向; No One's Direction)
  13. Zhen De (真的; Really)
  14. Tonight, I feel close to you (feat. Kuraki Mai)
DVD Tracklist
  1. Sun Yan Zi The Moments


The Moment is the first compilation album released by Stefanie Sun. The first disc included new songs, while the second disc included her largest hits from her debut album up to her fifth studio album. It was later released in a deluxe CD+DVD format, which included footage of the key moments in Stefanie's career.

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