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Think! Pink!

Album Cover
Ann Lewis
Think! Pink!
Catalog Number
"Side A" Tracklist
  1. Think! Pink! (シンクピンク!)
  2. Onna wa Sore wa Gaman Dekinai (女はそれを我慢できない; She Can't Stand It)
  3. Onna no Kao ni Suriru ga Hashiru (女の顔にスリルが走る; A Thrill to Run with a Woman's Face)
  4. Mousukoshi (もう少し; A Little More)
  5. Yakusoku (約束; Promise)
  6. Chiipuna Uwasa (チープなうわさ; Cheap Rumor)
"Side B" Tracklist
  1. Gomen ne to Iwasete (ごめんねと云わせて; Sorry to Say)
  2. Shounan Otoko-tachi (湘南の男たち; Shonan Man)
  3. Please Tell Me (プリーズ・テル・ミー)
  4. Hikaru Nagisa (光る渚; Glowing Beach)
  5. Onna ni Suji wa Tooranai (女にスジは通らない; She Doesn't Stop)
  6. Think! Pink! (Reprise)


Think! Pink! is the seventh studio album recorded by Ann Lewis.

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