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To My Love (t)

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Album Cover
To My Love
  1. Unforgetable
  2. To my love
  3. Tuesday
  4. Seonmul (선물; Gift)
  5. To my love (English ver.)
  6. Kkeuteoptneun Bada Jeopyeone (끝없는 바다 저편에...; Boundless Ocean)
  7. One day
  8. Because I love you (With Bobby Kim)
  9. Jibeuro wa (집으로 와; Back Home)
  10. Naneun (나는; I Am)
  11. In Yeon (인연; Ties)
  12. Why me?
  13. Gotta get love
  14. Chabarama! (찬바람아!; Cool Oh)
  15. Because I love you (English ver.)
  16. Neo (Sad but True) (너; You)


To My Love is the second album released by t. The title track was used as the lead track.

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