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User talk:Dark raito

Some Notes

Thank you for your contribution but please take some notes to improve the page quality (even if you take data from web archive or write new):

  1. We don't use <Artist Name> Albums for album page, so an Crystal Kay album will don't have [[Category:Crystal Kay]].
  2. Information section goes with tag ;Information, not ==Information==.
  3. Please upload cover(s) will making page.
  4. To search for an Oricon profile for a single / album: click here, if you want to search for a single / album page, put the kanji title (if it is written in kanji/katakana) in the search box then chose the CD option above; if you want to search for an artists, choose アーティスト/芸能人 option (of course kanji search too), after the page was generated, choose your artist, then right column is albums and mini-albums and left column is singles. An Oricon profile for a single have song credits and tie-in(s) too.


Hey, I see you finished Utada's Japanese discography off for me! (the Heart Station era that is). I'm quite grateful for that (since I'm so busy now and haven't been able to get around to finishing it) but I did want to point out a formatting error that you made. Firstly, all the longer works like albums, DVDs and books and such are always in italics. Shorter works like singles and songs are placed in quotation marks. Now, if you'd like, I can simply go through all Heart Station era pages and fix them myself. Just take note of it for later pages that you make.

Thanks again, Lvng 10:36, 25 April 2010 (CDT)