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Vanilla Mood

Vanilla Mood (2012)

Vanilla Mood is a Japanese pop female three member semi-instrumental group under Vision Factory label.


Former Members


The group officially formed in September 2003 by Yui, Mariko, Keiko and Emilee. In March 2004, they began working as the in-house band of the TV show Ohiru Desu yo! Fureai Hall. In January 2005, Emilee left Vanilla Mood to concentrate on her career; she would later debut as Miyamoto Emiri with the album Smile. Only a few days after Emilee left, Waka joined the group. After one year and a half, in September 2005, the TV show Ohiru Desu yo! Fureai Hall ended, and so their regular TV appearances.

Vanilla Mood (2004 (Pre-debut))
Vanilla Mood promoting Tales Weaver Exceed by Vanilla Mood (2010)

In April 2006, the group debuted with their self-titled mini-album, Vanilla Mood, followed by a second mini-album, Shizuku, six months later. More than a year later in December 2007, they released their first single "Ajuka". In 2008 and 2009 the group was not very active, only holding a few live concerts. Almost three years since their last release, in June 2010, Vanilla Mood released the soundtrack album Tales Weaver Exceed by Vanilla Mood ~Tales Weaver Presents 6th Anniversary Special Album~.

In November 2010 Waka left the group because of musical differences. Since then, the now trio has held numerous live stages, although they have not released any new material since.


Soundtrack Albums



  • [2007.12.05] Ajuka (アジュカ)

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