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WEAVER promoting "S.O.S. / Wake me up" (2016)

WEAVER (ウィーバー) is a Japanese rock trio band under A-Sketch, a sub-label created by AMUSE in 2008. The trio formed in 2004 during high school in Kobe, Japan. They made their debut in 2009 with the digital single "Hakuchoumu". In 2010 they released their debut single "Hard to say I love you ~Iidasenakute~", which was used as the theme song for the drama Sunao ni Narenakute.



WEAVER promoting "Hakuchoumu" (2009)
WEAVER promoting "Egao no Aizu" (2011)
WEAVER promoting iTunes Live (2012)
WEAVER promoting "Yume Janai Kono Sekai" (2013)
WEAVER promoting "ID" (2014)
WEAVER promoting "Kuchizuke Diamond" (2015)

Studio Albums

Best Albums

  • [2014.06.11] ID
  • [2019.03.06] ID 2


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