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Wake Up (Anthony Neely)

Album Cover
Anthony Neely
wake up
CD Tracklist
  1. wake up
  2. Zhè Yī Kè (這一刻; This Moment)
  3. Shībài De Fēnshǒu (失敗的分手; Failed Breakup)
  4. Kuí Lěi (魁儡; Best Puppet)
  5. Ràng Wǒ Ài Tā (讓我愛她; Let Me Love Her)
  6. Jiùmìng(救命; Help)
  7. Xiǎngniàn Shì Yī Tiáo Hé (想念是一條河; Longing is a River)
  8. Mèng Li Lái Guò (夢裡來過; Came in a Dream)
  9. Letters
  10. Yī​jiào​xǐng​lái (一覺醒來; Wake Up)


wake up is the second album released by Anthony Neely. A pre-order edition was released which included a bonus CD single, DVD and coaster.

G-Music Charts

Anthony Neely promoting album
Week Rank Sales (%)
4 3.18
5 1.72
10 1.62
out for 1 week
20 0.37
out for 2 weeks
10 0.75

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