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Regular Cover
Deluxe CD+VCD Cover
Stefanie Sun
Weiwancheng (未完成; To Be Continued...)
2003.02.25 (Deluxe CD+VCD Edition)
CD Tracklist
  1. Shenqi (神奇; Magic)
  2. Wo Bu Nanguo (我不難過; I'm Not Upset)
  3. Yongyuan (永遠; Eternity)
  4. Weiwancheng (未完成; To Be Continued)
  5. Jiexialai (接下來; Follow)
  6. Xuehui (學會; Learn)
  7. Nianqing Wu Jixian (年輕無極限; Youth Have No Limits)
  8. Liaojie (了解; Understanding)
  9. Xiuzhifu (休止符; Full Stop)
  10. Meiyou Ren De Fangxiang (沒有人的方向; No One's Direction)
  11. My Story, Your Song (feat. Kuraki Mai)
VCD Tracklist (Live Performances)
  1. Shenqi
  2. Wo Bu Nanguo
  3. Yongyuan
  4. Jiexialai
  5. Nianqing Wu Jixian
  6. Liaojie
  7. Xiuzhifu
  8. Meiyou Ren De Fangxiang
  9. Xuehui
  10. Encore: Shen Qi


Weiwancheng is the fifth studio album released by Stefanie Sun. It was later released in a CD+VCD format that included live performances.

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