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Yamada Takayuki

Yamada Takayuki in "MW" (2009)

Yamada Takayuki (山田孝之) is a Japanese actor signed to Stardust Promotion agency.


  • Name: Yamada Takayuki (山田孝之)
  • Birthdate: October 20, 1983
  • Birthplace: Okinawa, Japan
  • Grew up: Sendai, Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan
  • Blood Type: A
  • Height: 169cm
  • Weight: 50kg
  • Star Sign: Libra
  • Family: Wife, one son (born out of a former girlfriend in October 2005), parents, two elder sisters (second sister, singer Sayuki)
  • Pets: Dogs, Cats, Birds
  • Special Talents: Horse Riding, Basketball,
  • Hobbies: soccer, taking pictures, collecting figurines, playing guitar
  • Favourite Food: Ramen, Sushi
  • Favourite Actors: Eguchi Yosuke, Ando Masanobu
  • Favourite Place: Sydney (Australia)


Yamada was born in Okinawa but grew up in Kagoshima. His parents run an Italian restaurant and his second sister is a R&B singer named Sayuki. He moved to Tokyo during high school and got into the entertainment industry through auditions. Unfortunately schooling and acting clashed so he dropped out of school to give acting his full force. His first roll was in "Psychometrer EIJI2". In 2005, Yamada became a father of an illegitimate child. The mother of the child is Ooyama Chiho, known for the role as Makoto Kino/Sailor Jupiter in the Sailor Moon musicals. In 2007, Yamada's popularity rose up with his role in "Crows Zero" alongside with Oguri Shun.


Yamada Takayuki with Ayase Haruka (2004)
Yamada Takayuki (2006)



Voice Acting


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  • Japanese Academy Awards: Best Newcomer (2004)
  • 42nd Television Drama Academy Awards: Best Actor for Sekai no Chuushin de, Ai wo Sakebu (2004)
  • 8th Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix: Best Leading Actor ranked 2nd for Sekai no Chuushin de, Ai wo Sakebu (2004)
  • Oricon Best Leading Film Actors: Best Leading Actor ranked 4th for Densha Otoko (2005)
  • 48th Television Drama Academy Awards: Best Actor for Byakuyako (2006)
  • New York Asian Film Festival: Rising Star Award (2011)

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