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Digital Single Cover
Lee Seung Gi
Yeonaesidae (연애시대)
  1. Yeonaesidae (feat. Ra.D / Narr. Han Hyo Joo) (연애시대)

CD+DVD Cover
CD+PB Cover
Jacket A Cover
Jacket B Cover
Jacket C Cover
Jacket D Cover
Jacket E Cover
Jacket F Cover
Jacket G Cover
Jacket H Cover
Regular Edition Cover
-Special Box- Cover
Lee Seung Gi
Renai Jidai (恋愛時代)
Catalog Number
UPCH-9720 (Limited Edition A CD+DVD)
UPCH-9721 (Limited Edition B CD+Photobook)
UPCH-9728 (Regular Edition Jacket A)
UPCH-9729 (Regular Edition Jacket B)
UPCH-9730 (Regular Edition Jacket C)
UPCH-9731 (Regular Edition Jacket D)
UPCH-9732 (Regular Edition Jacket E)
UPCH-9733 (Regular Edition Jacket F)
UPCH-9734 (Regular Edition Jacket G)
UPCH-9735 (Regular Edition Jacket H)
UPCH-9737 (Regular Edition)
PDCJ-1913 (-Special Box- Universal Music Store & ASMART Limited Edition)
¥1,680 (Limited Editions A, B)
¥1,100 (Regular Editions)
¥13,800 (-Special Box- Universal Music Store & ASMART Limited Edition)
CD Tracklist
  1. Renai Jidai (恋愛時代)
  2. Chingujana -Tomodachi Dakara- (チングジャナ-友達だから-)
  3. Renai Jidai (Instrumental) (恋愛時代)
  4. Chingujana -Tomodachi Dakara- (Instrumental) (チングジャナ-友達だから-)
DVD Tracklist
  1. Renai Jidai PV (恋愛時代)
  2. Chingujana -Tomodachi Dakara- PV (チングジャナ-友達だから-)
  3. PV Making of


"Yeonaesidae" is the seventh digital single released by Lee Seung Gi. Five months later the song was released as his Japanese debut single, "Renai Jidai". The Japanese single was released in 12 versions, two limited editions (CD+DVD and CD+Photobook), 9 regular editions, each one with the same contents but with different cover art, and a limited box only sold on Universal Music Store and ASMART stores that includes the 9 regular editions plus the DVD from the CD+DVD edition. The 15-min music video for "Reanai Jidai" features the Korean actress Park Shin Hye. The single reached #9 on Oricon weekly charts, and charted for 4 weeks.

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