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Album Cover
Penny Tai
Zenyang (怎樣; How's That?)
CD Tracklist
  1. Di Da...Excuse Me
  2. Riqi (日期; Date)
  3. Ni Yao De Ai (你要的愛; Your Wanted Love)
  4. Thunder
  5. Yu He Taiyang (雨和太陽; Rain And Sun)
  6. Zenyang (怎樣; How's That?)
  7. Hao Ganjue (好感覺; Good Feeling)
  8. Yujian Ni De Di 4 Tian (遇見你的第4天; Meet Your Four Days)
  9. Xing Le Liang Nian Shui Le Liang Nian (醒了兩年 睡了兩了; Awake for Two Years, Asleep for Two)
  10. Wo You Xiangfa (我有想法; I Have a Thought)
  11. Jiandan (簡單; Simple)
  12. Huran (忽然; Suddenly)
  13. Andy Peterson Solo
  14. Jamie Wilson Solo
  15. Li Shouxin Solo (李守信)
  16. Huang Zhongyue Solo (黃中岳)
  17. Wu Qinglong Solo (吳慶隆)


Zenyang is the second album released by Penny Tai.

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