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adieu 1

adieu 1
Catalog Number
SRCL-11340~11341 (CD+DVD)
SRCL-11342 (CD Only)
¥2,500 (CD+DVD)
¥2,000 (CD Only)
CD Tracklist
  1. Tsuyogari (強がり; Show of Courage)
  2. Yoru no Ato (よるのあと)
  3. Ao (蒼; Blue)
  4. Tenki (天気; Weather)
  5. Narratage (ナラタージュ) (Remastering)
DVD Tracklist
  1. Hana wa Yureru (花は揺れる; The Flowers are Swaying) (Video Clip)
  2. Tsuyogari (Video Clip)
  3. Yoru no Ato (Video Clip)
  4. Making of adieu 1


"adieu 1" is the first mini-album released by adieu under Sony Music Entertainment. It was released in two versions: a CD+DVD edition and a CD only edition. The third track, Ao was the ending theme for the 2019 anime series, Granblue Fantasy The Animation Season 2. The fifth track, Narratage was the theme song for the 2017 Japanese movie Narratage and was also produced by Noda Yojiro of RADWIMPS. The mini-album peaked at #41 on the Oricon charts and charted for three weeks.

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