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bis (band)

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bis (ビス; believe in style) was a visual kei band (moved into oshare kei) from 2004 to 2008.



The band was formed in 2004 by Maru (ex-Mei) on vocals, Tsukasa (ex-Usagi) on guitar and Seika (ex-Jakura) on drums. In July they joined PS Company, and Shunsuke the bassist of disbanded Elldorado joined them a little later. Their first mini album Freestyle Rock ~Jinsei wa Joujou da~ was released in October. In PSC they were often coupled with Alice Nine. The band left PS Company about a week after their fourth mini album Kyokutou Strip was released in August of 2005 without stating any reasons for their departure. It is general fan opinion that they had a disagreement with the label. They joined FREE-WILL, distributor for Dir en grey, Kagerou and baroque, and released their first single, "Extra Baka" in November. Their second single "Heisei Komanechi" was released in April of 2006.

On November of 2007 band announced that they would disband shortly. Bis played last concert at Holiday Shinjuku on January 13th, 2008.






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