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mihimaru GT

mihimaru GT promoting 10th Anniversary BEST 2003‐2013 (2013)

mihimaru GT was a Japanese Hip-pop duo under the publicity of Stardust Music, management of tearbridge productions (avex trax sub-label and sub-company) and record label of Universal Music Japan. Their music is a mixture of hip-hop elements and Japanese pop sterotypical of the '90s. Their name comes from a meshing of the mi in mitsuyuki and the hi in hiroko and the suffix for ship names, -maru. The GT part of their name comes from Gran Turismo. In 2013 the duo went on an indefinite hiatus.


mihimaru GT promoting "Kaerouka" (2004)
mihimaru GT promoting "Itsumademo Hibiku Kono melody / Magical Speaker " (2006)
mihimaru GT promoting "THE BEST of mihimaru GT" (2007)
mihimaru GT promoting "mihimarise" (2008)
mihimaru GT promoting "Switch" (2009)
mihimaru GT promoting "Omedetou" (2010)
mihimaru GT promoting "Masterpiece" (2011)
mihimaru GT promoting THE BEST of mihimaru GT2 (2012)


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