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99 (Epik High)

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Album Cover
Epik High
  1. UP (feat. Park Bom)
  2. Don't Hate Me
  3. Saranghandamyeon Haeseon Andoel Mal (사랑한다면 해선 안될 말; Words I Shouldn't Say If I Love You)
  4. Chupda (feat. Lee Ha Yi) (춥다; It's Cold)
  5. Akkawo (feat. Gaeko) (아까워; Too Good)
  6. Bikyeo (비켜; Get Out of The Way)
  7. Akdang (악당; The Bad Guy)
  8. Ghost (Interlude)
  9. Kill This Love
  10. New Beautiful


99 is the seventh album released by Epik High and is also their first album released since they moved to YG Entertainment. The song "Chupda" was released 10 days earlier as a teaser for the album, however the song "Don't Hate Me" was used as lead track.

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