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We've Done Something Wonderful

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Album Cover
Epik High
We've Done Something Wonderful
  1. Nan Sarami Jeil Museowo (난 사람이 제일 무서워; I'm Most Afraid)
  2. Yeonae Soseol (feat. IU) (연애소설; Love Story)
  3. No Thank You (feat. Song Min Ho, Simon.D, and The Quiett) (노땡큐)
  4. Bincha (feat. Oh Hyuk) (빈차; Empty Car)
  5. HERE COME THE REGRETS (feat. Lee Hi)
  6. Sangsirui Sungineung (feat. Suhyun) (상실의 순기능; Cycle of Loss)
  7. BLEED
  8. Tape 2002.7.8 (TAPE 2002年 7月 8日; Tape 2002 July 8)
  9. Eoreun Jeueume (어른 즈음에; Around Adulthood)
  10. Gaehwa (feat. Kim Jong Wan of Nell) (개화 (開化); Blooming)
  11. Munbaedong Dangoljip (feat. Crush) (문배동 단골집; Munbaedong Favorite Spot)


We've Done Something Wonderful is the ninth album released by Epik High. The songs "Yeonae Soseol" and "Bincha" were used as the lead tracks.

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