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Remixing the Human Soul

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Album Cover
Epik High x Planet Shiver
Remixing The Soul
  1. Fly Higher (feat. DH-STYLE)
  2. Love Love Loveless (feat. Yung Jin of Casker)
  3. Breakdown the Wall
  4. Beoryeojin Usan (feat. Lisa) (버려진 우산; Broken Umbrella)
  5. 1 Bun 1 Cho (feat. Taru) (1분 1초; One Minute, One Second)
  6. Fanatic
  7. Back to the Future (feat. Yankie)
  8. You Are the One (feat. Horan of Clazziquai Project)
  9. High Skool Dropout
  10. Remap the Soul (feat. MYK)


Remixing The Soul is Epik High's first remix album. It was remixed by dance group / band Planet Shiver.

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