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All Summer Holiday

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Regular Edition CD + VCD Cover
Reissue Edition CD Cover
Joey Yung
All Summer Holiday
2005.11.11 (CD+VCD edition)
2007.03.29 (reissue)
CD Tracklist
  1. Gou-gáai (告解; Confession)
  2. Sau-sān Daaih-faat (瘦身大法; Slimming Method)
  3. Chyùhn-sān Syú-ga (全身暑假; All Summer Holiday)
  4. Yāt-go-yàhn Chai-tòuh (一個人砌圖; Playing Jigsaw Puzzle Alone)
  5. Jihk-mohk Daaih-douh (寂寞大道; Road to Loneliness)
  6. A-mùhn (阿門; Amen)
  7. Àishiteiru (愛している; I Love You)
  8. Tā Hán-gwo Néih (他狠過你; He is Crueller than You)
  9. Gu-luhng-yùhn-hēui (故弄玄虛; Playing Tricks)
  10. Ngóh Bāt-yiu Néih (我不要你; I Don't Want You)
VCD Tracklist
  1. Chyùhn-sān Syú-ga (Music Video) (全身暑假)


All Summer Holiday is the 3rd album released by Joey Yung. There are 3 editions of this album: regular, CD+VCD, and reissue edition. The regular and CD+VCD edition comes with CD+VCD while reissue comes only on CD.