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Show Up!

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Regular Edition CD Cover
Limited Edition CD Cover
Reissue Edition CD Cover
Joey Yung
Show Up!
2007.05.30 (reissue)
CD Tracklist
  1. Panic Room
  2. SHOW UP!
  3. 出賣
  4. Deja Vu
  5. 流汗
  6. 歌姬
  7. Cyber Stage
  8. 派對機器
  9. 心甘命抵
  10. 遲鈍
  11. N.G. Takes
  12. 勉強幸福
  13. 想得太遠
  14. 會很美
  15. 我也不想這樣
  16. SHOW UP! (國語版)


Show Up! is the 6th album released by Joey Yung. There are 3 editions, regular, limited and reissue. Limited edition includes additional pictures of Joey Yung while the other 2 editions are the same.