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Close Up

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1st Edition CD Cover
2nd Edition CD + DVD Cover
Joey Yung
Close Up
2007.01.26 (2nd edition)
CD Tracklist
  1. 心花怒放
  2. 華麗邂逅
  3. 愛一個上一課
  4. 搖搖搖
  5. Be True
  6. 傷神
  7. 喜喜
  8. 卸妝
  9. 如果睡袍太少布
  10. 蒸餾
  11. 黃色大門
DVD Tracklist
  1. 心花怒放 (Music Video)
  2. 華麗邂逅 (Music Video)


Close Up is the 11th album released by Joey Yung. The 1st edition album comes with CD only while the 2nd edition comes with CD + DVD.