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Angela Aki My Keys 2006 in Budoukan

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DVD Cover
Angela Aki
Angela Aki MY KEYS 2006 in Budoukan (アンジェラ・アキ MY KEYS 2006 in 武道館)
Catalog Number
  1. Rain
  2. Will You Dance
  3. Hallelujah (ハレルヤ)
  4. Kiss Me Good-Bye
  5. We Are The Champions
  6. We Will Rock You
  7. On & On
  8. Kokoro no Senshi (心の戦士; The Warrior Within)
  9. Oogesa ni 'Aishiteru' (大袈裟に「愛してる」;Overstatement in an 'I Love You')
  10. Uchuu (宇宙; Universe)
  11. Aisuru Mono (愛するもの; Things I Love)
  12. Akatonbo (赤とんぼ)
  13. HOME
  14. Sakurairo (サクラ色; Sakura Colour)
  15. Kiseki (奇跡; Miracle)
  16. MUSIC
  18. This Love


Angela Aki MY KEYS 2006 in Budoukan is the first live DVD released by Angela Aki. It includes footage from her December 26th, 2006 performance at the Budokan and behind-the-scenes footage as bonus video. The song "Sakurairo" had been composed especially for the occasion. The concert includes three covers: "We Are the Champions", "We Will Rock You" (both Queen covers) and "TRAIN-TRAIN", a cover of THE BLUE HEARTS. The DVD reached #13 on the Oricon weekly charts and charted for 9 weeks.

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