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One (Angela Aki)

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Mini-Album Cover
Angela Aki
Catalog Number
  1. We're All Alone
  2. Rain
  3. A Song For You
  4. Warning
  5. Never Is A Promise
  6. Aisuru Mono (愛するもの; Things I Love)


ONE is the first indie mini-album released by Angela Aki, which was released in Japan. It was sung mostly in Japanese, except for "Warning", which was sung entirely in English. There were two radio singles with music videos to promote this release. The first was "Rain", which when it aired, aired as a live performance and the second was "A Song For You", which had a standard music video. "Aisuru Mono" was used as the "DVD Cam Wooo" commercial song. Half of the mini-album is made up of covers: "We're All Alone" being a Boz Scaggs cover, "A Song For You" being a Leon Russell cover and "Never Is A Promise" being a Fiona Apple cover. This mini-album debuted #2 in HMV's indies charts, though in the end-of-year indies pop charts reached the #1 position. The highest position that this mini-album reached on the Oricon charts was #231, until Angela's debut album Home was released. In that week, the album soared up to a position of #88.

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