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Hidaka Marin

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Hidaka Marin (日髙麻鈴) is a Japanese singer and model under the agency of Amuse. She is a member and the Hamidase Chairman of idol girl group Sakura Gakuin and it's sub-unit Minipati.


  • Name: Hidaka Marin (日髙麻鈴)
  • Birthday: December 1, 2003 (2003-12-01) (age 14)
  • Birthplace: Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan
  • Blood Type: O
  • Height: 150cm
  • Footsize: 23.5cm
  • Favorite Food: Sushi, Macaroon, Avocado, Tomato
  • Things that you like?: Tap Dance
  • Special Skill: Singing in English, Speaking English, Tap Dancing, Swimming, Cartwheel, Listening to Music, and Watching Movies and Musicals
  • One thing you do before going to bed: Look at a picture of Sakura Gakuin and say "good night"
  • If you were to be born again: Rakusa Tribe of Heart no Hoshi (Marin is referring to Sakura Gakuin)
  • Hobby: Looking up into the sky
  • One Thing you wish can come true: I want to become a mermaid!
  • Biggest failure so far: Went to the wrong lesson venue.
  • Favorite Animal: Cat, Jellyfish, I like all the animals!!
  • Favorite Sport: Skating, Swimming
  • One Thing that is non-negotiable: My love for nature!!


  • Member of idol girl group Sakura Gakuin since May 2015.
    • Hamidase (はみだせ) Chairman (2018 Nendo).
    • Member of sub-unit Minipati.

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