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Kasou Musou Shi

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Mini-Album Cover
alice nine.
Kasou Musou Shi (華想夢想紙; Flowery Imagination Dreaming Paper)
Catalog Number
  1. Seija no Parade (聖者のパレード; A Parade of Saints)
  2. Gin no Tsuki Kuroi Hoshi (銀の月 黒い星; Silver Moon, Black Stars)
  3. Yami ni Chiru Sakura (闇ニ散ル桜; Cherry Blossoms Falling into Darkness)
  4. Byakuya ni Kuroneko (白夜ニ黒猫; Black Cat in the White Night)
  5. Yuri wa Aoku Saite (百合は蒼く咲いて; The Lillies Bloom Blue)
  6. Kousai Stripe (光彩ストライプ; Brilliance Stripe)
  7. Mugen no Hana (無限の花; Infinite Flowers)


Kasou Musou Shi is the third mini-album released by alice nine. This is their major debut mini-album, their first since signing with KING RECORDS in late 2005. Includes all the songs from their 2005 three consecutive month single release campaign, which were the singles: "Gin no Tsuki Kuroi Hoshi", "Yami ni Chiru Sakura", and "Yuri wa Aoku Saite". Also includes a new song, "Mugen no Hana". The limited first pressigns grants a cardboard slipcase. The mini-album reached #47 on the Oricon charts, where it charted for four weeks.

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