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Love (Nakashima Mika)

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CD Art
Nakashima Mika
2005.04.20 (Vinyl)
Catalog Number
AIJL-5250/1 (Vinyl)
  1. Venus in the Dark
  2. Love Addict
  3. aroma
  4. Yuki no Hana (雪の華; Snow Flower)
  5. RESISTANCE (album version)
  7. marionette
  8. Seppun (接吻; Kiss)
  9. You send me love
  10. Be in Silence
  12. Aishiteru (album version) (愛してる; I Love You)


LØVE is Nakashima Mika's second album. This album broke a major trend seen in the music business: the sales for this album exceed that of her first album. This is highly irregular, especially for an artist who is already on a major label and well-known. The first press of this album came in a limited style box.

True to its title, this album is a concept album focusing on love, and boasts a wider range of styles, including club jazz, soft rock, and (for the first time) soft reggae such as that evident on the song Seppun (track 8), while at the same time sticking to the soft, light pop formula that has become Nakashima's trademark since her first album, TRUE.

LØVE reached #1 on the Oricon charts and stayed there for 2 weeks, selling 437,218 the first week and 213,517 the second.

This album charted for 101 weeks. Because it sold 650,735 copies in 2003, it became the #14 album of 2003. It also sold 696,946 units in 2004, becoming the #12 album of that year as well. Total sales add to 1,410,921 copies.

Oricon Chart Positions

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Week Rank Sales
- x x x x x x 1 437,218
x x x x x x x 1 213,517
x x x x x x x 3 116,124
x x x x x x x 4 93,702
x x x x x x x 6 63,759
x x x x x x x 6 46,874
x x x x x x x 10 48,103
x x x x x x x 7 121,064
x x x x x x x
x x x x x x x 8 37,546
x x x x x x x 8 28,042
x x x x x x x 9 19,739
x x x x x x x 18 15,107

Total Reported Sales: 1,447,681

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