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Music (Nakashima Mika)

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CD Art
Nakashima Mika
2005.04.20 (Vinyl)
Catalog Number
AIJL-5252/3 (Vinyl)
  1. Sakurairo Mau Koro (桜色舞うころ; When The Cherry Blossom Colours Dance)
  2. Oborozukiyo ~ Inori (朧月夜~祈り; Misty Moon-lit Night~Prayer)
  3. Hi no Tori (火の鳥; Phoenix)
  4. Kumo no Ito (蜘蛛の糸; Spider's Thread)
  5. Rocking Horse
  6. Carrot & Whip
  7. Shadows of you
  8. LEGEND (Main)
  9. Hemlock (ヘムロック)
  10. SEVEN
  11. FAKE
  12. Fed up
  13. Hitori (ひとり; Alone)


"MUSIC" is Nakashima Mika's third album. The first press of the album included a special package. The style of this album is best described as 'electic,' with a mix of soft electronica, 1970s-style soft rock, and ballads. It reached #1 on the Oricon charts for two weeks, selling 231,521 the first week and 88,024 the second.This album charted for 33 weeks. Because this album sold 545,820 copies, it became the #16 album of 2005. It has sold a total of 547,148 copies.

Oricon Chart Positions

Nakashima Mika promoting the album
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Week Rank Sales
- x x x x x x 1 231,521
x x x x x x x 1 88,024
x x x x x x x 3 55,618
x x x x x x x 3 39,812
x x x x x x x 5 27,614
x x x x x x x 6 19,831
x x x x x x x 9 13,870
x x x x x x x 14 11,741
x x x x x x x 18 10,046

Total Reported Sales: 547,148

World Chart Positions

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3
Position 3 17 39

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