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Love Game

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Amuro Namie
Anthony Anderson, Joleen Belle, Jaden Michaels, Steve Smith
Other Information
Arrangement, all instruments, and programming: SA Trackworks Productions
Vocal Arrangement: Joleen Belle, Jaden Michaels
Vocal direction: TIGER

"LOVE GAME" is an Urban-pop song recorded by Amuro Namie, and produced by Anthony Anderson & Steve Smith for SA TrackWorks Production. This is Amuro's only work with SA TrackWorks Production. The lyrics were written by R&B artist DOUBLE, who Amuro previously worked with on 2008's "BLACK DIAMOND". The song was recorded for her eighth studio album PAST < FUTURE. It was used as a promotional single for the record, even receiving a music video. "LOVE GAME" has been described as having a "hard urban groove without any distracting frills".[1]

Music Video

A shot from the video

The music video for "LOVE GAME" was directed by Shigeaki Kubo, who also did the video for the other radio single "FAST CAR". The video depicts Amuro and her dancers having various dance battles on digital stages, with the teams distinguished by the color of their outfits (black or white).


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