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No.5 (2PM)

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Album Cover
Catalog Number
  1. Uri Jib (우리집; My House)
  2. Nobody Else
  3. Hwangak (환각; Hallucination)
  4. Neomanui Namja (너만의 남자; Not The Only One)
  5. Yeoreumboda Tteugeonun Neo (여름보다 뜨건운 너; Hotter Than July)
  6. Michil Geot Gata (미칠 것 같아; About to Go Insane)
  7. Red
  8. Wanna Love You Again
  9. Know Your Mind
  10. Magic
  11. Jump
  12. Good Man


No.5 (stylized as №5) is the fifth Korean studio album (ninth overall) released by 2PM.

The album's lead track, "Uri Jib", is a dance song and was written and composed by member Jun.K, who previously wrote and composed "Go Crazy" on their last Korean release. Other group members also participated in the production of the album.

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